Mind the Hungry Gap!

It’s here.

That heartsink time of the year when the UK’s early summer bounty hasn’t quite kicked in and the store of overwintered roots has dwindled to the last raggedy (and sometimes mouldy) rejects.

Over the past few weeks we’ve said a bientot to UK dirty carrots, to Scottish red cabbage (no, don’t cheer!), to those lovely squeaky Scottish Savoys and a whole lot more besides.

The produce lists are decidedly sparse in April and May (and June in Scotland), with lots having to be brought in from Europe to fill our empty larders. Costs are higher too, as producers need to recover their packaging and transportation overheads.

But hey, that’s what this seasonal food thing is all about, isn’t it? In days of yore (??) our grannies would have cracked open the salted and pickled and preserved fruits and veg to add a few minerals and nutrients (and a heap of salt and sugar) to the family’s fare.

That’s not something we do so much nowadays…we just remember to keep the Italian carrots in the fridge. Ciao carota!

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