Beet it!

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of our members who go ‘yum, beetroot!’ when it’s in the bags – and yes, it is in the bags this week.

Most often, people still have it left over in the bottom of the fridge and have a ‘Will I? Won’t I?’ moment with the Swap Box.

Which is such a shame! Because that sweet, slightly earthy flavour, smooth, velvety texture and rich colour can be a culinary delight.

Beetroot has a long history in this country, evolving from the wild native seabeet on coastlines from India to Britain. It originally had a long taproot like a carrot and only the leaves were eaten as food—the root was used for medicinal purposes. It wasn’t until the 16th century that it gained it’s now familiar rounded shape.

Hardy and relatively easy to grow in our challenging Scottish climate — which means it’s affordable — it’s one of the first and last veg to be in season.

And it’s so good for you – high in betacarotene and folic acid, eating it regularly helps cleanse the liver and can assist in lowering incidences of heart disease.

Beetroot can be a key ingredient in many fabulous salads. Or try it juiced with a bit of orange or apple juice — a real revelation! Or indulge a sweet tooth with delicious beetroot chocolate brownies or beetroot chocolate cake.

Whatever you do, stick with the beet!

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