This year, I shall be mostly planting by the moon.

I’ve tried it before (a few times) and it seemed to work quite well, for as long as I did it. (Which, if I’m honest, wasn’t very long.)

But, as we want to be putting amazingly healthy herbs, fruits and veggies into the Lets Eat Local bags, making sure they’re buzzing with the right lunar vibes has to be on message – doesn’t it?

Now I’ve started, I remember why previous attempts lapsed pretty quickly. It’s so *%^&£ing complicated! There appear to be three different systems for planting by the moon – Synodic, Biodynamic and Sidereal – each of which have different instructions for any given day. Then there’s the waxing and waning bit which comes with its own set of rules – should you sow? – or harvest? or weed? Is it a good time to chop down trees? or open a bottle of wine?

Add to the mix the North Nodes and South Nodes and Perigees – which, as far as I can tell, give you a wee break from all that gardening and time to catch up on the housework.

One of my words for the year is ‘pragmatism’. In a ‘Just Do It’ moment (other tag lines are available) I bought Nick Kollerstrom’s book Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2015 and I’m just following that. It may be inaccurate in parts and in conflict with other systems, but to be honest, I’m past caring.

Leaf Day plantings
This being a Leaf Day means the herbs finally get potted on

So yesterday was a leaf day (the Moon being in Cancer) and I got busy sowing spinach and repotting lots of lovely herby leaf things – Moroccan mint for mint tea, Camellia sinensis assamica for tea tea – while David cut the leafy (and docky and creeping buttercuppy) grass. And it may be, because the moon is waxing, that the grass grows back too quickly and needs cutting again in days. And the roots on my leafy, herby things may not grow as well as they should, or may grow better than the leaves – who knows?

Gardening diary
This year, I will keep a gardening diary…

I’ll learn – in time – what works and what doesn’t. And, admitting at last that I probably won’t remember what I did 12 months hence, I’m using the book’s handy ‘week to a page’ diary format to actually make a note of what I’ve done.

Me? Writing in books? Anyone who knows me, knows that my books are my preciousssses – no notes allowed!  This moon thing must be driving me mad…

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