So long folks – and thanks for all the greens

There’s a strange mixture of sadness and excitement here at Lets Eat Local Towers.

Sadness because we’ve just had our last veg bag pick-up and we’re not quite sure what to do with all the free time that’s suddenly appeared in our oh so busy lives. (Do you know what an empty Outlook Calendar looks like? It’s scary – vast tracts of unpredeterminedness at a time when we all feel the need to be running around like headless chickens.)

But excitement too because of all the ideas that are buzzing around our heads for what happens next.

It hasn’t been an easy decision to put the Lets Eat Local Fruit and Veg Bag Scheme on hold. There were tears! There was swithering – lots of swithering. There was denial and disbelief and probably every other bit of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Change Curve thrown in for good measure.

We constructed defences:

  • 2015 has been a bad year for growing – almost (but not quite) as bad as the apocalyptic 2012 growing season. Things can only get better;
  • If we can just keep going to July, no August, well, September then, everything will be alright and we’ll have no problem getting all the local organic veg we need for our ever expanding number of members;
  • If we can just totally restructure the supply chain – preferably by Christmas – we’ll have it sussed;
  • and more besides.

But you know how when you’re trying to avoid the hard questions and ‘things’ keep coming to trip you up and remind you that you can run, but you can’t hide?

Our ‘booby trap’ came in the form of Sharon Astyk‘s pretty amazing book Depletion and Abundance. One line pushed every button so much that it stuck in our heads and refused to shift:

We cannot change our food system without changing our lives.

And, whichever way we looked at it, we were having to spend so much time in administration and spreadsheets and driving around and generally being part of the old way of being – albeit with an ‘organic’ twist – that there was never any time left to change our lives, let alone the food system.

So we’re taking time out to think and do something about changing the way food works.

We’re starting with the development of a Permaculture farmlet and we’ve got all sorts of exciting plans – for HF/HX (and knowing us, we’ll try and squeeze in an HY too); for food being free (and just about everywhere); for giving everyone more control over the hands that feed them; for making good food and nutrition an essential part of a real Health Service… you name it, it’s probably somewhere on a mindmap in our office!

Keep checking back to find out how things are going or to get involved in the conversation.

Oh, and weeders are always welcome too!