10 and counting…

logoA number of years ago (90 months ago, to be precise) I signed up for a new initiative called 100 months. Like Flash Gordon in slo-mo, the claim was that we only had 100 months to save the world.

Now at first it was exciting and a bit different – it felt (like all of these things feel) like this might actually be The One.

The One that makes the difference. The One that does what it says on the tin. That One.

But as time has gone by it has lapsed, as everything from 10:10 to all those 20:20 vision things have lapsed, into a few memes from Collective Evolution and a bit of slacktivism on the side – sign this petition (it will only take a second), donate to this cause (go on, it’s just the price of your usual Grande, decaf, extra-hot soy Americano with extra foam), do anything and everything, without disrupting your life too much.

Another white knight face-plants the dust.

But that’s okay – I refuse to get downhearted (though there are days when the state of the world reported in mainstream media gets me down – those are the days I dose myself up on Positive News). If these last seven and a half years have taught me anything, it’s been to stop delegating responsibility for creating a better world to the ‘Theys’ (you know them, ‘They’ are the ones who should do something about potholes/world peace/Mrs Miggins’ cat/the economy…).

Because government and big business aren’t going to save the world – at this stage of their evolution, that isn’t what they are here for.

Celebrity endorsements won’t save the world either, however much charities (and we) dote on them and give our hard-earned donations for a quick flash of a famous one.

Charities? Nah. Petition signing? Uh, uh. Click to Give buttons? Aye, right!

And that’s the best news of all. Because once we take full and grown-up responsibility for changing the things it is in our power to change (and that’s always more than we think), we can start to make the difference the world is waiting for.

So over the last few years, I’ve been working hard to de-anaesthetise my life and stop numbing-down my days with screen time and trash TV. I’m unlearning the mantra of our times that you are what you buy (though I haven’t yet got round to applying it to books and plants), disrupting my life more and filling my time with experience, not things.

These days, I sign far fewer petitions – so few that Greenpeace want to know if they’ve done something to upset me.

And each day I try and do something that honours and co-creates with this amazing planet that we’re lucky enough to call home – all from the comfort of my own backyard.

I’m changing my life, and little by little, it’s changing my world.

How far will you go to change yours?






2 thoughts on “10 and counting…

    1. Yes, Emma – but wouldn’t it be cool if we could sort out potholes in our own communities? There’s a product called Viafix that gives you a cold-fill, instant, all weather pothole repair. I reckon we should all skill up and get using it ourselves 😉

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