We blame Amazon for starting us on the Lets Live Local journey.

Their suggestion, on Boxing Day 2005, to pre-order the Post Carbon Institute’s Relocalize Now! set a small group of friends thinking about what a reconstructed, responsive and human-scale local infrastructure might look like, how it could work, how it would connect, what it would feel like…

Though Relocalize Now! was never actually published, the idea of relocalisation wouldn’t go away. Unsurprisingly (given our name), Lets Live Local remains focussed on the exploration and development of a parallel local infrastructure – a support network to create not self sufficiency but shared sufficiency. One through which our community might meet its basic and developed needs, trade outside of itself for those it can’t meet and build community, connection and resilience. While still having a good time.

We started with a small group of interested people. We talked, we planned, we fell out (it happens). We regrouped. People got new jobs and moved away or left to get on with their real lives. No-one said being a community initiative was easy!

The project has absorbed us ever since. Though it’s often challenging – far more challenging than we hoped or expected — it remains exciting and fresh and the sort of thing that gets you out of bed in the morning rather than sends you running for the hills with a crossbow, the other natural response to the frankly scary problems of climate change and resource depletion.