We work from the principle that our communities already have the energy, imagination, skills and resources they need to survive and thrive in an increasingly uncertain future. We just need to give ourselves permission to use them and unlock the opportunity that creates.

We think everyone has skills and insights to contribute towards a positive future, so we work hard to include people who aren’t ‘the usual suspects’ and who may not see themselves as ‘joiners’.

We act by:

  • delivering our own projects
  • supporting other individuals to develop their projects
  • offering support to unfunded voluntary groups.

Our backgrounds, world views and experiences persuade us that modern highcarb lifestyles are in large part a function of the design of our social and economic systems. For us, meaningful and permanent change comes mostly through a redesign of those systems. Our approach to carbon reduction is therefore structural and design-led. This is informed by Permaculture design principles and the work of the new economics foundation.
We like enterprise. We see the creation of meaningful, appropriately-scaled opportunities for right livelihood (work that matters to you and helps you make the difference you want to make) as being the only sustainable way to deliver the goods and services needed by our own and future generations. So we:

  • design and run our projects as businesses
  • bootstrap our projects, (as do many SMEs) and use inventiveness and creativity in place of large injections of core grant funding
  • experiment (a lot) to find what works, recognising that authentic eco-economics is still in its infancy and we’re still learning. And so is everybody else.