Moffat Online was the community networking site, run by Lets Live Local, for people who live, work or have an interest in Moffat and the surrounding area.

The site launched in May 2009, aiming to offer a supportive and friendly environment, a tool for the creative and intelligent use of the Upper Annandale community’s skills and resources and a way of strengthening local people’s willingness to help each other. Moffat Online was funded from the profits of the Lets Eat Local veg scheme and then funded by donations from the directors of Lets Live Local. The site closed in September 2017.

Some amazing things happened as a result of the site. It helped find lost pets and reunite old friends. It asked (with no expectation of success) if anyone could repair a member’s Wurlitzer jukebox – and got an offer of help from another member within a few hours! It saved endless tonnes of other people’s junk from the scrapyard.

The youngest members were in their teens and the oldest were nonagenarians. Most were from the local area, but people also joined from as far away as Canada and New Zealand, looking to reconnect with old friends or reminisce about the town’s famous Moffat Toffee. We regularly welcomed members who are looking to move to the area and wanted to make connections before they get here.

Moffat Online helped to promote the work, events and membership of a range of  local voluntary groups, many of whom operate with no external funding. The site also hosted an extensive events listing, local versions of Freeshare and a Car Boot facility and a range of other initiatives which encouraged sustainable lifestyles.

We loved running it, but in the end, the limitations of the software platform made it time-consuming and complicated to host. When GDPR started hovering on the horizon, we recognised that the very thing that drove the success of the site – daily emails – would be very tricky to maintain.

Onwards and upwards!